About us

Crafters of in-depth

We believe that brands, like people, need depth in order to bring added value. This means that we start from understanding – as in depth as possible – the reality of the business we will communicate for: its objectives, needs and overall context, in order to come up with communication solutions that are pragmatic, realistic and make sense. Through everything we do, we want to contribute to creating coherent, relevant entrepreneurial brands, for which communication is not just form over substance, a cost center or a thought expressed as „let’s make a pretty campaign”.


When we say in-depth communication, we actually mean:

A communication rooted in insights and context,

deeply connected to the business and its reality.


Strategy and implementation all together.

Creative ideas unsupported by a long term vision often remain actions that sound good and look glam on paper. Likewise, a strategic approach without turning ideas into action loses its power.


A communication that always starts with the needs of those we are addressing to

and with how we can help them through communicating.


A coherent perspective.

We don’t believe in magical and over-night solutions expressed as „let’s make a Facebook page”, but in consistent effort and a seamless experience in various touch points, on multiple channels and anywhere the brand meets its clients and customers.


Our story

Our story starts in 2015, when Oana founded Crafters, a team of independent communication and marketing specialists, that wanted to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses and communicate more professionally.

Starting 2020, Crafters means the partnership between us, Oana and Alexandra, alongside an extended team of more than 10 collaborators who come together when needed, according to each project’s specific needs.

We are a team with 10+ years of experience in communication, a period of time dedicated to working with entrepreneurs, as well as with multinational companies, alongside which we developed very different projects: from product launches to internal communication campaigns and stock exchange listings.

This is how we became generalists, professionals with a multidisciplinary thinking, capable of connecting the dots whenever we need to come up with integrated communication solutions which respond to different pain points and business problems.

After we repeatedly convinced ourselves also about how we DON’T want to do things in our domain (sometimes, we believe this is an important lesson too), we met again at Crafters, where we put together: the attention to details, the wish to build on the long run and a friendship that dates back to our university years.

The projects we believe in most are entrepreneurial ones. We want to help them communicate more efficiently – this often means communicating more humanly and more coherently. We believe that, in order to achieve this, we need a balanced mix between strategy and implementation, or a communication connected to the reality of their businesses.

This is why we named ourselves Crafters – to express the depth and the meticulous approach we strive to bring in each of our projects.

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