Crafters of
in-depth communication

We team up with entrepreneurs who need a communication deeply connected to their business.


Meaningful communication.
Entrepreneurial approach

In the past 10 years, we’ve worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs, in various teams and contexts. We know what an entrepreneurial brand means, how things look in the backstage and how important it is that the communication solutions to be pragmatic, strategic and deeply conntected to the business’s reality and context.


Our services include:

Analysis and qualitative insights

Content creation

Communication consultancy

Implementation of the communication programs

Communication strategy


Along time, we worked with entrepreneurial businesses in various development stages (from solopreneurs to businesses with hundreds of employees or businesses in the process of stock market listing) and we have a deep understanding of numerous communication and marketing tools (from PR to content marketing, from strategy to performance marketing). We use this multidisciplinary perspective, in order to find the right mix of communication actions suited for you and your brand.



Communication is often reduced to an Excel table, but we believe its essence should be people and humanity. For us, this translates into constantly looking towards the man behind the role we interact with (may that be an entrepreneur, a client, a consumer or a collaborator) and trying to understand his/ her reality, in order to communicate with care and empathy.

Added value

We understand how an entrepreneurial business works and we know how important it is to bring real value through what we do. For us, this means always asking ourselves what we can do better, bringing a partnership-oriented mindset to the table and having flexible enough processes to allow us to rapidly adapt to changes.


Entrepreneurs who trust us

„Oana truly understands a business’s needs. She’s a rare combination between logic, pragmatism and a human, emphatic approach, who understands the entrepreneur also as a person, with his day to day worries, fears and challenges. More people can come and grab a perfect 10 at communication, but not every partner can bring this mix to the table, be authentic, form a relationship, while also keeping his word, being mature and professional each and every time.”

Mihaela Ioniță, founder @ M Flower Lab

„I have full confidence that, no matter the problem I come up with, Alexandra will find a solution that will ease my life; she will thoroughly follow her tasks, without loading me with unnecessary burdens, without me having to remind her of anything in the process and without forgetting about something. Her proactivity and planning are impeccable, and Alexandra is definitely in top 3 client service people I would recommend to anyone, without blinking.”

Radu Glonț, Negotiation Adviser & Trainer @ Leverage

„Oana is by far one of the most rigorous professionals I have worked with. She has a sharp mind and the ability to address holistically the communication needs of a company. She has also the impeccable discipline of coordinating the implementation. Our collaboration with Crafters has changed our organizational perspective on how we create and manage our communication strategy in a way that makes us more agile and better adapted to the market.”

Andra Munteanu, co-founder Narada

„I had the chance to work with Alexandra for more than five years while she was responsible for Leverage Negotiation’s content marketing strategy and implementation. I utterly admire the way she organizes everything and the passion she puts in every project. Alexandra is always solution-oriented, delivering high-quality and detailed input. A pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her for any content marketing project.”

Sabin Gîlceavă, Negotiation Adviser and founder @ Leverage

„Ne bucurăm să lucrăm cu fetele de la Crafters de peste 5 ani. Ne încânta implicarea, proactivitatea și ideile lor, dar mai ales faptul că facem o echipă foarte bună – de multe ori avem sentimentul că sunt departamentul nostru intern de comunicare.”

Violeta Roșu, Co-fondator și Managing Partner Blue Point